Making an interactive sound installation

What I will explain how Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg and I made an interactive sound installation. Why We were invited to make a sound installation. How I will go trough the process and discuss some issues we encountered. ——– About the

Performing with live improvised visuals, drums and electronics

What: I will analyze and discuss a performance I did together with Sigurd Ytre-Arne (live visuals). Why: I want to become more aware of how I work. How: I will analyze a video of the performance and discuss some thoughts

Making a song from samples of an iron monument

What: I made a song based on samples from an iron monument. Why: I was hired to do it. How: I sampled the monument and processed the samples in Ableton Live. ——– Finished piece: Download: Ableton Live Project Preface: The

Performing an electronic composition

Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg is studying composition at the same Academy as I am doing my master degree. He asked me to perform one of his compositions with him. Since the composition’s nature is very electronic it presented some challenges when

Music – Husebø/Evensen/Lislegaard/Johnsen

Here is a video from a performance I did in May 2011 at a festival called tape to zero: Kjetil Husebø – Keys Terje Evensen – Drums Kristoffer Lislegaard – Electronics Jonas Barsten Johnsen – Drums (Everybody – Electronics) Tord

Music – SkRR

SkRR is a sound collective based in Oslo. We arrange concerts, workshops and social gatherings where we focus on production and performance of electronic music, sound design, sound programming and experimenting with auditive and visual expressions. You can follow SkRR

Music – Bjørn Charles Dreyer Group

Bjørn Charles Dreyer Group is a product of Dreyer’s master studies at the University of Agder. I was doing a bachelor degree at the same University, and he invited me to be a part of his project, you can read