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Short performance with drums, electronics, dance and sensors as a part of an event

What: An analysis and discussion of our first public performance with “Sound Picking”. Why: We want to become more aware of how we work and perform. How: We will analyze a video of the performance and discuss some thoughts we

Project description

Project description: Performance with realtime interaction between drums and electronics. Goal: To develop a setup with drums and electronics which shall be practical and easy to operate. Why I do this: Amongst guitarists and some what keyboard players, the integration

Equipment standard (Microphones – triggering)

Lydrommet were also kind enough to lend me some microphones. I tested them with the same intent as I tested the preamps, I wanted to see if there was any reason for me to invest in other microphones. I already

Equipment standard (preamp)

  I had to see if I could settle with the equipment I now have and move on to the next phase, or if I needed to invest in better and more expensive equipment. Lydrommet were kind enough to borrow


So, why am I doing this? I’ve always been jealous at the guitarists ability to just go and buy an effect pedal, send the sound of his guitar trough it and control it with his feet. I want to do

Hello World!

In this blog, I’ll explain and reflect upon my approach to the combination of drums and electronics, my current setup and some thoughts regarding the form of my performances. The blog will run for a minimum of two years as