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Equipment standard (microphones – setup)

My main concern when it comes to microphones is that I want to feel they express the energy of my musical intentions. Until now, I’ve let sound engineers use their own microphones and I’ve used a split, a return bus

Equipment standard (Microphones – triggering)

Lydrommet were also kind enough to lend me some microphones. I tested them with the same intent as I tested the preamps, I wanted to see if there was any reason for me to invest in other microphones. I already

Equipment standard (preamp)

  I had to see if I could settle with the equipment I now have and move on to the next phase, or if I needed to invest in better and more expensive equipment. Lydrommet were kind enough to borrow

Controllers (Arduino)


Arduino is an i/o-board, where you can connect a wide variety of sensors, motors, speakers etc. and make them talk with a computer. There are other similar concepts around, such as Phidgets, Eobody and Teabox. What is great with this

Controllers (EEG-scanning)


Lately, I’ve been looking into methods of controlling the computer without using my legs or my hands. EEG-scanning was one of them: EEG-scanning is a way of analyzing your brainwaves. Brainwaves are weak electric signals, so the EEG-scanner amplifies them

Controllers (launchpad)


I started with what I already had, a Launchpad from Novation. In the aspect of diversity and portability, this controller presents many advantages. You have 64 + 16 buttons (8×8)+(2×8) located at a fairly small space, and you can flip


space echo

The total signal latency, in+out, in the signal-flow is at around 8ms. This presents a challenge regarding timing and I had to choose the effects I use based some what on this. I did a quick run-through of available effects



The audio from my EMFit based contact microphones goes into my sound card (Focusrite pro40), then to the DAW – Ableton Live, through desired effects and/or to be stored on the hard drive, back to the sound card and out



To explain how I approach the discussed subject, we’ll start at the audio source, the drum set. Traditional drum microphones have a certain amount of leakage from their surroundings, for example a mic placed to record the snare would also