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Performing an electronic composition

Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg is studying composition at the same Academy as I am doing my master degree. He asked me to perform one of his compositions with him. Since the composition’s nature is very electronic it presented some challenges when

Free Play – Prologue: A New Flute

Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art – by Stephen Nachmanovitch. A god can do it. But will you tell me how a man can penetrate through the lyre’s strings? Ranier Maria Rilke As a prologue to the book, Nachmanovitch

Dancers – part 3

We started with full-length run-trough of the usual framework: We were growing tired of our usual framework, so we decided to try something completely different and “free”: To do this didn’t feel any harder than working with the usual framework,

Dancers – part 2

After some reflections covering our first rehearsal, Anette and I got together once again to rehears. We felt that the interplay between us in the last rehearsal was to linear, there was no friction, we just followed each other. This


As stated in my project description: – Look at the possibilities for at external sources, such as the audience, a net stream, dancers, humidity, lights etc. can control the development in the music and in the video trough out a

Equipment standard (microphones – setup)

My main concern when it comes to microphones is that I want to feel they express the energy of my musical intentions. Until now, I’ve let sound engineers use their own microphones and I’ve used a split, a return bus

Music – The Beginning

This is a recording from a solo concert I did early June 2011. The audio is just a stereo signal from my sound card, there are some audio drop-outs and I apologize for that. In general I feel the tendency


space echo

The total signal latency, in+out, in the signal-flow is at around 8ms. This presents a challenge regarding timing and I had to choose the effects I use based some what on this. I did a quick run-through of available effects



The audio from my EMFit based contact microphones goes into my sound card (Focusrite pro40), then to the DAW – Ableton Live, through desired effects and/or to be stored on the hard drive, back to the sound card and out



To explain how I approach the discussed subject, we’ll start at the audio source, the drum set. Traditional drum microphones have a certain amount of leakage from their surroundings, for example a mic placed to record the snare would also