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Making an interactive sound installation

What I will explain how Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg and I made an interactive sound installation. Why We were invited to make a sound installation. How I will go trough the process and discuss some issues we encountered. ——– About the

Performing with live improvised visuals, drums and electronics

What: I will analyze and discuss a performance I did together with Sigurd Ytre-Arne (live visuals). Why: I want to become more aware of how I work. How: I will analyze a video of the performance and discuss some thoughts

Performing with guitar, drums, electronics and a dancer with sensors

What: Hedvig and I will analyze a performance we did with Alex Gunia at 300 acting spaces. Why: We want to be more aware of how we interact with another musician. How: We will state our thoughts and feelings regarding

Testing sensor system on a dancer – temporary solution

What: I will see if I can use a Phidgets-kit on a dancer, it is NOT wireless. Why: I am waiting for the Eowave-system to arrive from France and I want some progression in the project. How: I will go

To be touched by music

What: My thoughts on being touched by music. Why: This was an assignment in a course in esthetics. How: I will briefly discuss how I get touched by music. ——– INTRODUCTION: In the first semester of my master studies, I

Dancers – concert

As of today we have done two concerts, one at the festival “Serendip” and and one at “Lillestrøm kultursenter”. The first concert was filmed, and it can be seen bellow: This was out first public performance as a duo and

Dancer controlling sound with sensors – Idea sketch

(…) a sensor based setup for a dancer and a drummer, where the dancer can pick up sounds played by the drummer and process them with movement (…) My project description What: Dancer wearing sensors – controlling sound. The idea

Random impulses

When experimenting with restrictions as mentioned in my project description: (…) I should instead dive into my setup, experiment and play with it and get to know it as well as possible. I stumbled upon an interesting aspect where a

Dancers – part 4

We met again for a final rehearsal before our first concert. Despite what I stated in the previous post, We agreed on that we had reached a state where we temporarily are agreeing on the expression of the concept and

Equipment Standard – Audio latency

One of the first issues I wanted to look into when I started working on my master thesis was audio latency. Audio latency is the delay between when an audio signal enters and when it emerges from a system. Potential