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Dancers – concert

As of today we have done two concerts, one at the festival “Serendip” and and one at “Lillestrøm kultursenter”. The first concert was filmed, and it can be seen bellow: This was out first public performance as a duo and

Dancers – part 4

We met again for a final rehearsal before our first concert. Despite what I stated in the previous post, We agreed on that we had reached a state where we temporarily are agreeing on the expression of the concept and

Dancers – part 3

We started with full-length run-trough of the usual framework: We were growing tired of our usual framework, so we decided to try something completely different and “free”: To do this didn’t feel any harder than working with the usual framework,

Dancers – part 2

After some reflections covering our first rehearsal, Anette and I got together once again to rehears. We felt that the interplay between us in the last rehearsal was to linear, there was no friction, we just followed each other. This


As stated in my project description: – Look at the possibilities for at external sources, such as the audience, a net stream, dancers, humidity, lights etc. can control the development in the music and in the video trough out a