Random impulses

Random impulses

When experimenting with restrictions as mentioned in my project description:

(…) I should instead dive into my setup, experiment and play with it and get to know it as well as possible.

I stumbled upon an interesting aspect where a certain combination of effects resulted in a controllable feedback as shown below:

I used a tone generator, a delay that sounds “drrr”, a simple delay, a reverb (Lexicon Chamber) and another reverb (Waves’ IR1) in that specific order.

The track looking like this:

At the master bus I had a reverb, an auto filter and a limiter like this:

The most essential factor however, is the placement of the microphones and speakers and their properties. I used my “ukko -b-band” microphones in the tom but the other microphones might also have contributed to the feedback to a certain extent.

Anyways, the most interesting aspect with this, I think, is that while improvising with my setup I can stumble upon something unexpected even though I thought I knew every millimeter of my setup. I try to always allow this to happen when performing live. Sometimes it sounds really bad, but other times it’s exactly what the piece needed. That is of course an essential factor of improvising; to be open for other outcomes than you originally expected.

Then again, some artists do not approve of incorporating random factors to their performances. Or at least not a random “decided” by a computer. For me this has been a dilemma for a while, but I think it is all about moderation, that the computer random can be included to a certain extent. Personally I like to have control over what I do, however, the computer random can give me ideas that I can shape as I like or throw away if I do not like them.

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