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SkRR is a sound collective based in Oslo. We arrange concerts, workshops and social gatherings where we focus on production and performance of electronic music, sound design, sound programming and experimenting with auditive and visual expressions.

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Here is a concert we did at “Victoria” in Oslo in May 2011.


On saturday (october 8th 2011) we had a workshop, I did not contribute to the execution of the project this time, but I joined as one of 12 participants. We were divided into four groups and were each given a theme randomly from a max-patch (on the bottom of this page) based on an idea from John Cage.

The main idea was “matchmaking”, to encourage more people to join the collective and to get to know each other better.

We worked together for some hours, had a nice lunch, and then performed our pieces for each other.

My group got the theme “__.aUto”, we interpreted this to a peace that would start some what ambient and static (graphically like this: “__.”) and evolve into music by the band “U2” (“Uto”≈”U2”). We wanted U2 to be mixed into the venue where we were, so we did some field recordings of the surroundings. We also decided to make a beat based composition. We ripped U2 songs of Spotify with soundflower, and this was the result:


MaxPatch by Anders Tveit (right-click -> save as):

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