Music – Bjørn Charles Dreyer Group

Music – Bjørn Charles Dreyer Group
Bjørn Charles Dreyer
Ariel de Wolf
Snorre Kiil Saga
Jonas Barsten Johnsen

Bjørn Charles Dreyer Group is a product of Dreyer’s master studies at the University of Agder. I was doing a bachelor degree at the same University, and he invited me to be a part of his project, you can read his master thesis here.

The master degree ran over a period of two years resulting in a final exam concert were we invited Ariel de Wolf (cello) and Snorre Saga (bass) to play with us.

Being a part of this project I’ve been given time and inspiration to develop my self as an improvising musician. And I am utterly grateful to Dreyer for inviting me to be a part of this.

One of the main purposes of the project is to challenge the listening habits of the audience. We sit in each our corner of the room by each our speaker, the stereo signal is distributed diagonally from where we sit and the audience is placed in the middle facing each other, so they also can react upon each others reactions to the music. I made a short video of the setting:



We did two concerts three weeks ago, one in Kristiansand and one in Kvinesdal. The composition we performed is mainly improvised, but there are four ideas that we can use if we want:

– Dreyer and I play alone for 15 minutes.

– Around 30 minutes I start with the sound previously mentioned.

– Somewhere after that we start a more heavy theme in time.

– The ending can be a romantic soft theme in contrast to the last one.

We have talked a lot about these ideas and sometimes we stick strictly to them, some times some of us don’t use them at all, some times we change them. But these were the basic and only ideas we had for the composition on this tour.

We recorded both performances, you can listen to them here, and please feel free to comment on them. Both recordings were done taking a stereo line signal from the mixer into a Zoom H4n.

BCD Group – Sørlandets Kunstmuseum 24. september



BCD Group – Utsikten (Kvinesdal) 25. september

Unfortunately, the memory card on the H4n was full 4 minutes before the end, so I had to do a short fadeout.

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