The audio from my EMFit based contact microphones goes into my sound card (Focusrite pro40), then to the DAW – Ableton Live, through desired effects and/or to be stored on the hard drive, back to the sound card and out to a PA-system.

Sound engineers usually treat my drums as a normal drum set and put up their own microphones to amplify it’s acoustic signal. They also get stereo line with effects from my computer, so it’s often up to them to mix the balance between effects and dry drum sound… I don’t like that.

Since this is not so common yet, it can be hard to explain the sound I want to create, and from time to time, I might want to play with no acoustic sound.

A solution could be to work with the same sound engineer over some period of time, until he starts reading my mind.

I’m working on another solution for this, but it seems to turn out quite expensive, more on that later.

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