space echo

The total signal latency, in+out, in the signal-flow is at around 8ms. This presents a challenge regarding timing and I had to choose the effects I use based some what on this.

I did a quick run-through of available effects in Ableton Live and Max for Live and checked how the sounded on the drum set with the setup I explained earlier. After going through all of them, also their presets, I was left with around 20 that I really liked. Probably because they made a statement, affecting the sound with hard processing, so that the outcome was quite untraditional.


After a while playing with the effects, I noticed that I was only using a few of them:

1 – a delay which is so fast that it generate complex tones.
2 – a delay that makes a fixed amount of repetitions at the same volume, also called “drrrr”.
3 – a ping-pong delay fixed to play 4 against 3, synced to the sequencers global timing.
4 – a reverb
5 – a beat repeater
6 – a grain delay
7 – an auto filter
8 – another reverb

In addition to this I have four loopers and some mechanisms to trigger samples by hitting the drums.

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